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Getting the most out of your appointment.....


Your tax professional will be working with you to gather and sort through your information. In doing this, an average of an hour of your time is needed; however, it can take longer based on the complexity of your return. To aid in making this a smooth process, we have provided a few checklists to help in organizing your paperwork. Also, we have organizers available. Just call us for any need.




Worksheets for Self-Employed



What if I don't have enough time for an appointment?



We respect and value your time. At Bee Square Tax Consultation and Service, you can drop your information off and our tax professionals will work with you by phone, fax or email (whichever you decide). To get ready, we have included the DROP OFF FORM to record your basic information. Be sure to use the checklists above to help organize your information.



How about a virtual office visit?



With today¬ís mobile web and internet technologies we can meet with you directly from your home. Our portal service, Onvio®, offers a secure delivery method of your information, while web meetings by® provide a personal review of your return.